Resilient Like A True Monster – Online Course – SPECIAL SOLITUDE OFFER


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A 6 Weeks Online Course with Creativity Coach Sharlene Anders to LEVEL UP YOUR RESILIENCE!

Classes are Thursdays at 8pm (GMT+2) from June 17-July 22.
If you can’t make it to the Live Session, no worries, replays will be available. Also included are worksheets and an accountability call! Oh yeah! We’ll talk about that in the very first session.
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I was lucky enough to witness how these principles and ideas changed people. How they started to laugh more, love more, risk more, live more. Are you ready for that?

Radical Acceptance & Re-framing
For example: „Yes, I am alone and the pandemic makes it hard to meet people. I radically accept that. I re-frame my loneliness into solitude and use it to dive deeper into myself.“

The Drive From Within / The Core of your being
Artists are different from non-artists. We just are. We are driven by our need to create. Look at the interview with Rachel Richards and how she was almost possessed by the need to write down the story that emerged from her circumstances. ✍?✍?✍? Understanding and accepting the way you are, the way you work, is extremely helpful to deal with ugly inner critics or even uglier things like impostor syndrome.

Growing from a Spark
What is working in your life? Which part of you is whole and actually happy? Grab that and grow from there. We have a couple of excellent experts coming up who will dive deeper into the subject of Positive Psychology.

A Philosophy of Imperfection: Wabi Sabi
Not living up to society’s standards? Who cares. Live your perfectly imperfect life. Chances are you end up being happier than those with seemingly perfect lives. Wabi Sabi is a tool under your resilience belt that you’ll use a lot. A. Lot. ?

Living according to your values
Becky Breed called it „Living aligned with your passions.“ Figuring out your core values and living according to them will provide a guideline, a yardstick you can use to make decisions. And better decisions are bound to lead to a better life.

Bonus: Stubborn like a Stoic

Let’s look at the core principles of Stoicism and how they’ll serve you in your life. Bryan Crosson laid one of them out for us already: „What is within my control and what isn’t?“ This question alone can reduce anxiety and worrying.

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