Meet all of the amazing experts who spoke in this series.

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Bryan Crosson

Author of "The Lonesome Thread: Reflections of Solitude, Boredom & Creativity."

Sadia Sanders

Healthy Single Mindset coach, creator of the lifestyle brand "Urban Spinster."

Melissa West

Yin, restorative, yoga nidra and hatha yoga teacher since 2002. Author of "The Elemental Self: 5 Element Yin Yoga."

Lucy Adkins

Poet, writer, co-author of "Writing in Community" and "The Fire Inside."

Becky Breed

Veteran educator, poet, essayist, co-author of "Writing in Community" and "The Fire Inside."

Kory Floyd

Author of "The Loneliness Cure."

Kenda Swanson

Works in the realm of physical, emotional, spiritual health and well-being since 2015. Co-host "The Art of Living Podcast."

Patrick Grant

Composer and performer living in New York City.

Julie Schooler

Author (i.a. "Rediscover Your Sparkle") and author coach.

Rachel Scott

Author, yoga teacher trainer, and coach for educators.

Rachel Richards

Massage therapist, author of "Hungry for Life", and YouTube self-care educator at Rachel Richards Massage.

Nick Jonsson

Author of "Executive Loneliness," founder & managing director with EGN.

Scott Glassman

Licensed Psychologist, author and inventor “A Happier You.”

Jennifer Webb

Founder of Contentment Questing, Author, Speaker, and Online Course Creator. Committed to helping you find joy in your life.

Dr. Lecia

Minister of joy, educator, author of "Diggin’ For Intimacy: Sex, Sensuality, and Loving God."

Miles Borrero

NYC-based Latinx trans yoga teacher, writer, musician and wellness expert.

Dona Amelia

Singer, TV presenter, actress, DJ & Co Owner of EGN Singapore.

Tara Priolo

Biracial soprano, performer, teacher, brand coach, activist, and arts administrator.